Junior Rugby

Junior rugby is where the love of the sport begins! At Kereone we believe it is important for children to enjoy their sport so we aim to keep it fun as well as learning new skills. We feel it is our place to help teach our smallest players what it means to be a part of a team as well as part of a Club environment. That means respecting our team mates, coaches, supporters, clubrooms, fields and equipment as well as participating, working together and helping out where needed.  On the end of the day we love nothing more than seeing our little rugby stars out there in the green and white stripes getting their knees dirty and having fun with their teammates. 

Our Year 1 & 2 players get introduced to the game with ripper rugby. By far the cutest thing you will ever see! This is where they wear velcro bands around their waists which have 2 tags attached. They play on a small field and instead of tackling they have to rip off the opposition's tags. This is a fun introduction to the game and helps them gain key concepts of the rules, ie, stay inside the lines, run towards YOUR try line etc. 

From Year 3 they move up to tackle rugby. The first year or two is still a lot of learning around tackles and our coaches do a wonderful job at helping children with this transition. Year 3 & 4 teams play in Morrinsville at Campbell park on a Saturday morning. From there they continue throughout the grades and from Year 5 they travel to other towns to play.

Junior Rugby Co-Ordinator

Bryce Alsemgeest

Jason Stevenson


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